Not sure where Im supposed to be? Or what I should do ...

This subreddit is for discussion of all things Castle Clash! Subreddit Rules. Follow Redditquette; ... Not sure where Im supposed to be? Or what I should do? ... 3x Mana Vault lvl 7, 4x Gold Mine lvl 6, 4x Mana Mill lvl 5, 110x Wall lvl 4, 3x Upgraded Arrow Towers lvl 2, 4x Army Camp lvl 9 (w/40 lvl 3 Centaurs), Relic Hall lvl 7 (w/both lvl 5 ...

Castle Clash - Lost Realm **Level 20** - YouTube

Jan 08, 2015· Lost Realm level 20, took a bit but finally made it. Looks like the rewards are upped a bit at this point.

Castle Clash | Talent Compendium

Only the higher level talent will activate when the Crest Talent is the same as the Hero Castle Clash | Talent Compendium Forum IOS Forum Facebook Google Play Bulletin Board Download

Castle | Lords Mobile Wiki | Fandom

A level 25 Castle. The Castle is one of the most important buildings, unlocking new buildings and features for the player. When a player clicks their Castle, they are able to view statistics about their Wall, troops, traps, and resources. Castle skins can be bought from the game's store to change its appearance and to grant the player buffs such as increased resource production or troop stats.

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The Star level defines the maximum level a Hero can reach. Every hero starts with Star level 1, which allows a maximum level of 20. After your hero reaches level 20, a Star Upgrade can be purchased in the Heroes Altar after selecting the hero, to increase the maximum level of your hero by another 20 levels. Also, purchasing the Star Upgrade raises the Hero's stats by his or her level 1 stats.

Castle Clash Peon 1: Hoochies, and Horsies - YouTube

Feb 22, 2014· Castle Clash Peon 1: Hoochies, and Horsies - Peon Playthrough P1 ... Mana Mill/Gold Mine: 2x / Level 1 - Do not level or build more ... Upgrade to 2 star (which opens up leveling from 20 …

Max out heroes with 2mill books then evolve or not ...

So worth using 2 mill books to lvl past 180 to get the 500k books, as in do they sell for more? 31 comments ... Sort of 20 days or so maybe more.(though tbf I got 60 gold slimes from the thank you event for my first double evo or duplicates for single evo. ... Discussion, Tips, Tricks, etc. for the Castle Clash Mobile game found on Android, iOS ...


Jan 15, 2019· INCLUDING: NEW CLAN PERKS AND MORE PERKS FOR CLANS LEVEL 11-15! Good day for all :D, taking advantage of the inclusion of the magic items in the game, I would like to take advantage to propose several ideas for new clan perks, besides taking advantage of them to include new perks for clans of level higher than 10, START WITH IT! NEW CLAN PERKS: -EXTRA DURATION …

Castle Clash Tips and Strategy Guide | LevelSkip

Castle Clash is an immersive r eal-time strategy game like Clash of Clans.The game lets you build a base, attack enemy dungeons, and battle online opponents via the Arena. Its "click to deploy" mechanic during real-time combat allows players to tactically attack enemies.

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At level 4, the wooden supports are replaced with stone supports. The wooden roof is opened, revealing a ladder leading down inside the castle itself. The exterior of the Clan Castle receives gold embellishment on the doors, between the windows and on the shields. At level 5, the Clan Castle is painted the same as the level 9 Town Hall. The ...

10 stars hero gold requirement : CastleClash

I am leveling a hero to reach 180 lv and only having 2 million gold as maximum in gold vaults. Wondering if can I use gems to purchase 3 million gold to complete the gold …

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See more of Castle Clash Accounts - Buy and Sell on Facebook. Log In. or. ... Castle Clash Hack Cheats Apk 2019 - Unlimited Gems, Gold. Games/Toys. Hacks 1. Website. CLASH of CLAN 42050. Education. ... TH lvl 16 4x Gold Vault 16lvl 4x Mana Vault 14lvl 4x Army Camp 12lvl 5x Gold …

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Its level affects the number, type, and maximum level of other buildings. The building: Town Hall | Castle Clash Forum IOS Forum Facebook Google Play Bulletin Board Download

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Assemble your forces for a bigger, better Clash! Packed with exciting combat and fast-paced strategy, Castle Clash is a game of epic proportions! Hire powerful Heroes to lead your army of mythical creatures. Fight your way to become the world's greatest warlord. Put your strategies to the test in dungeons, raids, and more!

Castle Clash Lover: Lost Realm

The Mine is same as Gold mill & Mana Mill. By the Red crystal yon can upgrade the Mine's producing capacity. Collect the blue crystals simply clicking on it. You can't increase the level of mine above the level in Lost Realm that you have. The Blue Crystal tiles will not be attacked by the enemies; it will be you own asset resource completely.

Should I try to get 5 million gold storage or 6th hero ...

2 - Upgrading your relic hall (the building you get your magic at) to level 20 - necessary for max level snowstorm. 3 - The rest of your builders should focus on upgrading your gold and mana vaults to level 16, then your gold & mana mines to 16, then your Army Camps to 16. 4 - …

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Oct 16, 2012· This is a walkthrough for Bouncy Castle in the game Clash of Clans. Subscribe for updates on everything Clash of Clans related! ----- Read More ----- Click the link below to Subscribe to the #1 ...

Clash of kings castle level 20 144000 gold - YouTube

May 03, 2015· Clash of kings castle level 20 144000 gold James Phelipes. Loading... Unsubscribe from James Phelipes? ... TOP 20 Mobile RPG's 2019 So Far !! - (Gacha/Hero Colllectors, ...

iOS Castle Clash account for sale - elitepvpers

Jun 02, 2015· Looking for castle clash account 10/04/2014 - Clash of Clans Trading - 3 Replies Looking for a castle clash account with pumpkin duke, spirit mage, cupid, alantacore, paladin, druid, snowzilla, succubus, immortep, reaper and champion. Castle Clash account lvl 100+ for 25€ 09/05/2014 - elite*gold Trading - 2 Replies

Castle Clash Base Building Advice -

Castle Clash Base Building Advice Castle Clash is a game of patience, and if you are like me, you are an impatient player! ... Relic Hall - Your long term goal is level 20 because you need level 5 snowstorm; ... Gold Mine, Mana Mill - You don't need higher than level 16 (required for 6th hero base). ...

Castle Clash Beginners Guide | Castle Clash

Castle Clash Beginners Guide. ... Town Hall > Gold Vault > Gold Mine > Mana Vault > Mana Mill > Everything Else. ... above is 5 heroes max you can have 6 heroes now if u have 4 army camps 4 gold vaults 4 mana vaults 4 mana mines abd 4 gold mines all at level 16 or above ... great post for beginners one of the best ive seen 1. Jn Darwis.

Castle Clash: Brave Squads

Sep 24, 2014· Castle Clash: Brave Squads Today: 11 Total Posts: 2036411. Moderator: ... Mana Mill +3 might per level Gold Mine +3 might per level Heroes Altar Level 11 +10 might Gold vault ... Level 2 Arrow Rain +20 might (credits to guoyuus) Level 3 Arrow Rain +30 might (credits to guoyuus) ...

Castle Clash: The New Adventure Review | Game Rankings ...

Apr 26, 2017· Castle Clash: The New Adventure is a browser strategy-defense game which you can play different platforms. This version is the browser version of the game which is not same with mobile (Android and iOS) versions.

Castle Clash: How to Level a Hero Extremely Fast - YouTube

Nov 10, 2015· Thanks so much for watching! Hit me up on line. LINE ID: battlebosscc I'd be glad to roll for you: REQ's are 4k gems or 3k with LHC's I'll also forge for you...

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A weapon is an item used in Castle Crashers by a character to deal damage to enemies. Characters can collect weapons by finding them throughout the game or by downloading extra content (DLC). The weapons a player collects are stored in the Weapons Frog, where the player can go later to change...

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